Electrical high & low voltage system 


Electrical design is the process of planning and creating electrical equipment, such as electrical components, schematics, lighting equipment, power systems, and telecommunications infrastructure.Electrical design software and tools address the specific workflows for electrical controls systems. our designers staff help you to select the correct standard type and sizes of cables, board, breakers, transformers and electrical equipments. to be easy for your project working, safety and measuring the project electrical system cost.


Electrical service installations by Hawasar are available for high and low voltage electrical system. our works implemented and supervised by the special engineers and experienced technicians, with more than ten years of experience. to help your project will be run standard working and safety.

High Voltage Electrical System (11 & 33kv) of

  • Transformer
  • Distribution board
  • poles 
  • cables

Low Voltage Electrical (220 & 380V) of

  • Building electrical system
  • Distribution board
  • Lighting system
  • Security camera system 


Commercial Services

Businesses and professional work spaces are in constant need of electrical servicing. The environment must be well lit, but comfortable to satisfy the customers and keep employees productive. Hawasar is committed to keeping your building running smoothly, following code, and helping cut costs with:

• Maintaining Equipment
• Installing Lights
• Electrical board service
• Motors installation & repair
• Wiring Dedicated Circuits

the Hawasar workforce of experienced technicians is skilled in all areas of electrical contracting and service for commercial and industrial projects. The repairs and other services you require will be addressed immediately upon your call. We specialize in renovations and new electrical system construction, We also offer fault locating and trenching to recover tricky damage that occurs underground.